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Mining and Minerals Education Foundation

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Montana Technological University

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


In 1922, the Montana School of Mines (MSM) began offering a separate Metallurgical Engineering degree that focused on mineral processing and extractive metallurgy. During the early 1960’s, this program was broadened to involve materials engineering and thereby include physical metallurgy and materials processing, particularly ceramics. Although changes to the degree offerings have since been implemented to meet the changing needs of industry, the program has retained its broad base and focus on mineral processing and extractive metallurgy.  The present name of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (M&ME) was adopted in 2000.

Undoubtedly, the program will continue to evolve but it will always honor its heritage thereby helping fulfill Montana Tech’s mission. As one of the oldest programs at Montana Tech, the Metallurgical & Materials Engineering program continues to fulfill the historical mission of The School of Mines and Engineering as well as the needs and interests of mineral- and metal-related industries while simultaneously addressing those of the materials industries. The goal is to provide students a quality education with an appropriate blend of theory and practice so they can successfully and confidently enter a career and contribute to the profession and society.

The Department strives to attract and retain the highest quality engineering students to provide resource-based industries with minerals, metals and materials process engineers while maintaining the heritage of Montana Tech. The department continues to sustain coveted programs with emphasis on learning experiences to research and provide solutions for the future needs of society.

Graduates of the program have a passion for excellence and are recognized among the world’s most versatile engineers. Growth in the metallurgical and materials engineering disciplines and these related fields has been substantial and has accordingly increased the opportunities for graduates of the program. In this regard, graduate placement has been 100% for over two decades.


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